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At Fitness Zone we are committed to offering the highest quality training experience in San Diego. Husband and wife team, Kristin and Rob DeMaio, started Fitness Zone in 1996 and together, still run the facility today.

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Kristin DeMaio

Kristin began her experience in personal training in 1991. Kristin has a B.S. in Kinesiology from SDSU and a full certification in STOTT Pilates. Her knowledge, dedication, and commitment have put her in high demand as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor in San Diego.

Her success is based upon a synergy of skills, education and experience. Her own interest in maintaining wellness through exercise and nutrition along with a fascination with the structure and function of the human body and its capacity to achieve optimum performance led her into the field. She opened Fitness Zone in 1996, which is now the premier location for Pilates Class San Diego.

Kris applies a holistic approach to training by fully engaging the body and mind of the client while consistently motivating them to improve. Her communication style and demeanor are calm, kind and gentle yet her training sessions have been known to challenge not only the beginner, but even the most physically fit, athletic clients. Kristin’s ability to help her clients identify needs and address them with a comprehensive nutrition and exercise program that gets results is exceptional. Kristin also has a special interest in, and is educated and trained to work with individuals with disabilities, injury and disease.

Prospective Pilates San Diego clients who meet with Kristin for their initial consultation come face to face with a personable, professional and extremely likeable individual with a great sense of humor who radiates inner and outer beauty, no doubt the reflection of living the healthy lifestyle that she promotes.



Robert DeMaio

Rob has been involved in the development of health and fitness programs since 1989. His journey started with an interest in competitive bodybuilding in high school. Since then, he has competed in collegiate track and field as well as events ranging from Adventure Racing to marathons. Rob is also an avid cyclist competing in a variety of disciplines including Cross-Country and 24-Hour Mountain Biking as well as Road Racing and Criteriums.

Rob's overall love of exercise physiology and sports nutrition to facilitate optimum performance has evolved into an impressive expertise making him the most sought after San Diego Personal Trainer. To enhance his experiential knowledge, Rob attended San Diego State University to earn a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education. A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), he is also a certified USA Cycling coach.

As owner of Fitness Zone, Rob specializes in coaching clients of all levels from couch potato to fitness enthusiast to professional athletes and has become the premier Personal Trainer in San Diego. Rob's training philosophy emphasizes safety, challenge, steady progress, continual motivation and fun. He draws on personal experience and a strong educational foundation to create programs that consider the uniqueness of the individual, their fitness level and their goals.






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